Andrej Osipian
Artist – Designer


I’m Disati, also known as Andrej Osipian. I’m an artist &  designer of games, interactive installations, interactive stories, technological experiments and all things visual, digital & experience-oriented. I’m currently following the courses of Communication & Multimedia Design – Game Art & Design in Genk, Belgium. My current location is Genk, Belgium (Europe), where I try to share the progress & products of my passion: Game Art.
My current project is a cross-platform interactive visual story with elements of unseen scale for the smallest (smart) platform possible.


Preferred software – Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator, Autodesk 3DS Max & Maya, Pixologic zBrush, xNormal, Unity, UDK.

Technology – Software –  great understanding of current and next-gen technological standards for entertainment.

  • Taking risks & challenges – Overcoming them by using research & design
  • open-minded, motivated & active team player
  • nothing’s impossible.
Events & Challenges I participate(d) in

Game Dev – Global Game Jam 2013 – 2015, Ketchuplay Challenges (organizer)

Concept Art & Illustration – Official Game Concept Art Competitions, Daily Spitpaint, Brainstorm Group, Ketchuplay Challenges (organizer)







Contact me to start working together.


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